About Us

Hi, My name is Shawn Riggi…
And I am Poi Glass!

With the help of some good friends, as well as some new ones, I have finally been able to launch my company, Poi Glass!!!

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with glass. I think it all started with my Grandparents’ paperweights… I was amazed at the thought of things inside of glass. As I grew older, I began to have a fondness for neon. I love the colors, but more so the complexity and fragility of each piece.

Next came sculpture… Little figurines were so cute!

Sculpture was followed by stained glass… I love church windows!

After stained glass, I became entranced with stretching and molding glass into my current pieces (Twisted Tangles, Ghost Wraps, Tears of Poi, and the list goes on…).

Recently I have begun collecting bottles and dishes for inspiration and use in future projects. All of the different sizes, shapes, and colors continually influence my work…

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